Negative Campaigning Does Not Work

Negative Campaigning Does Not WorkNegative Campaigning doesn’t work anymore, as proven once again in the Newark Mayoral Elections where Ras J Baraka who was running a campaign outspent by Shavar Jeffries, almost 4 to 1. Jeffries with money from Wall Street and the support of the Essex County and North Ward Newark Machines was not able to defeat Southward Councilman Ras J Baraka. Jeffries operatives ran a very negative, nasty, disrespectful and divisive campaign and it just didn’t work. I have been involved in many political races over the last 15 years and every “negative attacking based” campaigns end up losing. The days of the bulk of the voters believing the hype are over. People are waking up and want to go based on their own experiences and visible results, as well as changes made by that candidate, before casting their votes. Of course, we do have a bunch of people that will just vote the way a family member, a friend or a public figure tells them to vote, but even those folks are waking up.
Mi gente, stop believing all you hear. If you did not see it, you don’t know. If you do not have all the facts, you don’t know. If you weren’t part of the entire transaction or process you don’t know. There are always three versions to every story, do not believe all you hear, especially if it comes from one side only.
The negativity and baseless accusations about Baraka did not help the Jeffries campaign, mainly because there are people like me who have interacted with Ras Baraka the man, the father and the politician before his decision of running for mayor of Newark, and I can say that I have never seen Ras saying or behaving in a racist manner. I have the utmost most respect for Baraka because he had earned it. I recall one specific instance during a city council meeting where a group of Dominicans went to the podium to let the council know that it is time to stop the violence in Newark where a grocery store owner had been shot the previous day and all the Latino council members started degrading those who spoke, Ras Baraka defended them and spoke of a time to stop this division amongst Blacks, Latinos and Whites. To have a better, safer Newark we all need to work together.

We all have individuals that we do not like; it is called being human and having the right to choose what and who we like. But, just because I don’t like a person who happens to be from Panama doesn’t mean that I hate all Panamanians, only swallowed ignorant people behave in this manner. People look around; all races and ethnicity are integrated in friendship, marriage, partnerships and entertainment. No one is stopping that from occurring. This is our new reality. Accept it or wither. You will not change that. Give it up! Grow up! Be part of the solution! Stop hating!
We have racists in all races and ethnic groups. If not whites against blacks and Hispanics, you have Hispanics against blacks, blacks against Hispanics and whites, the Germans against the Jews, and so on and so on. But a sure thing is that in each of these groups there is integration between one and the other at all levels. So, let’s stop with all this stupidity and focus on what really counts; education of our children, the safety of our children and family, the family unit, and the opportunity to live well. And enjoy and enjoy!

When a mayor, councilman, congressman, senator, governor, or president does not do the job he/she was elected to do, we just have to get him/her out through voting. Do not let that scare you, the vote is private. After you close the curtain and cast your vote, nobody knows who you voted for unless you tell them.

Other races that have proven that negative campaigning doesn’t work were in Paterson Mayor Joe Torres won even after all the negative campaigning against him. Congressman Bill Pascrell won his last election even after all the negative campaigning done against him. Mayor Wilda Diaz in Perth Amboy won even after all that negative campaigning done against her. Mayor Alex Blanco won in Passaic several times even after all the negative campaigning done against him, and the list goes on and on. The majority of people today are more interested on what the sitting candidate has accomplished or not done. Yes, there are those political operatives that will disagree with me, it is fine, and the facts speak for themselves.

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