This Blog Site will maintain most of the articles, radio and television material that I have published  over the years. The site will have English and Spanish Language Material.

Este sitio blog va a mantener la mayoría de el trabajo en las arias de artículos, la radio y la televisión que he publicado en los últimos años. Material en Ingles y en español.

I am a Solutions Provider who enjoys analyzing businesses and coming up with solutions to enhance their bottom line. I do this thru technology, benefits enhancement, and risk management. I am a music producer and songwriter.

Anibal Alcantara, Jr. – Electrical Engineer, Entrepreneur, Community Leader, Philanthropist, Passionate.

I am Anibal Alcantara, Jr., a proud Dominican native who embarked on the American dream in 1977. My academic journey in Newark, New Jersey, culminated in a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). My professional path began auspiciously with an offer from Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G) just before my NJIT graduation. This marked the start of an extensive 16-year tenure in the corporate world, which included pivotal roles at Hoffman La Roche and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, culminating in executive leadership by 2002.

Following my corporate chapter, entrepreneurship called my name. Since then, I’ve embraced the entrepreneurial spirit, spearheading initiatives across construction, technology, marketing, insurance, financial services, promotions, and accounting. My knack for crafting solutions has earned me the moniker of ‘Solutions Provider’ among clients and peers alike.

My passion for innovation led me to the entertainment industry, where I produced and hosted “El Show Latino,” a television endeavor. Further creative pursuits include music video production and the successful distribution of a theatrical release in the Dominican Republic.

Community involvement is a cornerstone of my identity. From early volunteerism and active participation in NJIT organizations to leading the Newark Literacy Campaign and contributing to legislative milestones like “Dominican Pride Day” in New Jersey, I’ve consistently championed cultural pride and education. My commitment extends to mentoring youth, with regular speaking engagements at schools and community forums.

As a father of six, I balance family life with a diverse array of projects and maintain a visible presence in media through various appearances. My voluntary service continues unabated, with affiliations ranging from local chambers and law enforcement associations to cultural and educational foundations.

In every endeavor, my goal remains steadfast: to empower, elevate, and inspire, harnessing the collective spirit of innovation, pride, and community.