Dual Public Office Holding By Politicians Is Bad For Our Economy

Governor Jon Corzine signed an irrelevant law that was supposed to stop state elected officials from holding public office, while at the same time grandfathering those who already had dual public office. Essentially, it is a law that does nothing against dual office holding. This is typical political self serving policies that deprive our residents and digs a bigger hole to the state’s debt.

Our unemployment rate keeps rising, our municipal and county and state debt keeps raising, yet, our elected officials continue to profit from us with two and sometimes three public office jobs. Elected officials have second and third jobs with the board of education, with county departments, with state departments, in housing authorities, in commissions, and a huge list of publicly funded agencies. We have state senators working for municipalities and counties. We have council members working for the counties, working as freeholders, working for the school system, working housing authorities and other agencies.

This is the right time to finally fix what is wrong with this leaching of our public funds. Elected officials are taking jobs that can go to the unemployed. The current law is broken and it needs to be fixed and there is no better time to address it.

The economy is horrendous. We are all supposed to do what we can to help in an economic recovery. Our elected politicians are not doing their part and we need to hold them accountable. We have a governor that has demonstrated courage and seems to be willing to cut the non-sense and abuse.

If you believe that it is an injustice for politicians to hold dual public office or hold a public office and one or two public jobs then you can do something about it. Put the pressure on. Refuse to re-elect any politician that is receiving two or more paychecks from your coffers. The money they receive comes from you. I am certain that you are not getting two salaries from your job, if you are not a politician.

Please understand that I am an advocate of the American Dream, which to accomplish you need MONEY. However, there are other alternatives for politicians to acquire MONEY without getting paid doubled or tripled paid by tax payers. If they need a second job to survive, go to the private sector and get that second or third job. Do not dilute our already strapped municipalities, counties and state. They are voted into office to be the taxpayers’ eyes and ears and to protect our rights and effectively manage our resources.

I make a call to all politicians to do the right thing!!!

Let your governor, your senator, your state legislature and every politician that is not receiving two paychecks from you to fix this injustice. Towns, counties, and the state cannot afford it.

There are towns that have more than half of their council members receiving two and three paychecks from you.

End it now. Send the message. The November elections are very important election and it is just the right time to put some pressure.

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