The Republican Candidates lack Substance against President Obama

If you have been paying attention or listening to the republican’s race for the nomination to run against President Obama you just have to wonder in what world are these republican presidential candidates living? They have been beating each other with insults for months and with the exception of Ron Paul, they have all taken the lead at one point or another. They have misrepresented every position of themselves and that of President Obama. They have been on both sides of important issues, such as the Economy, Same-Sex Marriage, Climate Change, Abortion, Health Care, Immigration, Energy, Women, Afghanistan, Iran, Europe, and a host of other issues.

They have and continue to give President Obama lots of ammunition to use against them on this Presidential Election. They continue to provide everyone watching with an absurd, idiotic at times, and comedic performance. They continue to make accusations and statements that take away any credibility that they had when this contest to the presidency started. One thing is to talk down about your opponent to lead others to question the opponent’s motives. Another is to outright lie and expect the general public to ignore it and to be used against your opponent.  One begs to wonder if they actually do believe that people in general are stupid and/or ignorant about the cause of our economic crisis in 2007 and 2008; a crisis that has plagued other great countries, even worse.

The republicans will like everyone to forget that we got to the mess we were in by President Bush and his policies; that we are in a steady recovery, because of President Obama and his policies. Obama has moved this country towards an economic recovery, despite, the unprecedented opposition and uncommon public display of disrespect towards a sitting president. We have never seen any president be disrespected by the opposition in the congress nor oppositions at the state level, probably ever.

This is the first presidential primary affected by a Supreme Court ruling that allowed unlimited fundraising for candidates through super PACs (Political Action Committee).

There are four Republican Presidential Candidates left in the race to the 2012 Republican Nomination for President. In order of position in delegate counts entering the “Super Tuesday” contest voting are Mitt Romney (173), Rick Santorum (74), Newt Gingrich (37) and Ron Paul (33). They were competing for 419 delegates on the famous “Super Tuesday” contest which included 10 states. The resulting delegate count as of “Super Tuesday” is: Mitt Romney (404), Rick Santorum (165), Newt Gingrich (106) and Ron Paul (66).  The commentaries of this “Super Tuesday” are that it was just like a regular Tuesday. Republican Presidential Candidates are having a hard time in energizing their bases. There is no enthusiasm from the voters in comparison to the 2008 Presidential Elections.

The general consensus from most analysts is that Mitt Romney will be the Presidential Candidate to oppose President Barack Obama in November; however, I believe that it is too early to tell. I believe that if Gingrich and Ron Paul join Santorum it will be very difficult for Romney to win the nomination.


The Nominee for the 2012 Republican Presidential needs 1144 Delegates. The final event to pick the candidate will be at the National Republican Convention to be held from August 27th to August 30th 2012.

What would a reelection of President Obama represent to the USA? And what does a win by a republican candidate represent to the USA?

We, as humans, tend to have a short memory when it comes to electing or reelecting candidates to political positions. We seem to only remember the last few actions of a candidate just before Election Day. Many of times we do not even follow the candidates nor listen or read anything about them until that last week before we vote. We even call our friends and family members to ask whom we should vote for on Election Day.  This is a known fact that many candidates understand and take advantage to get voters to consider and reconsider them.  I like to insist that unless you participate in the process you should not complaint about the outcome of any election. My advice continues to be that every voter should do a quick research before casting their vote for their chosen candidate. The candidate should represent your values or that of your interests.

The facts don’t lie, candidates do lie and distort the facts to portrait a new reality that puts them as the one and only who can do the job. Look at the substance and bypass the fluff. No candidate or politician is perfect and we should pick the best one for the job. Just remember, that if they promised and didn’t deliver on more than three occasions, it will happen again.

Obama currently leads in every major poll when compared head to head to all four republican candidates. One factor that makes a major difference in who could win the presidency this year is going to be who raises the most money. Now, with the Super PACs in play, the elections will be more interesting and far reaching. To date, President Obama tops the leading Republican Candidate on raising the most money by almost 2 to 1.

2012 Presidential Election Money Race

Obama $151,392,217
Romney $63,650,764
Paul $31,083,281
Gingrich $18,320,430
Santorum $6,698,440

These donations have a maximum of $2500.00 per individual per year per candidate.

However, the biggest impact will probably come from the super PACs which have raised $130,322,476. There are no limits as to how much money any one person or company can contribute to them. The Super PACs advocate for different candidates. They may spend the money on behave of the candidate, but, may not give the money directly to the candidate.

The percentage of “Promises Kept” that Obama claims is 60%. The list is extensive and it ranges mostly on benefits for individuals, veterans, students and small businesses. There are many issues that have not been given the attention that voters prefer to have seen in the Obama administration.  Immigration Reform is one of them.  Many of the promises that Presidential Candidates make depend on the collaboration of the congress, and without the support of the congress these promises cannot be met.

We have all seen stall tactics and fillabusting that all politicians use and exercise in both houses of congress.

We must evaluate carefully before we cast our vote this coming November.

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